The heritage of knowledge we have accumulated both internally and through the consolidation of strategic acquisitions over the years has shaped ASO H&P, making it today a beacon of innovation and efficient organization. The uniform implementation of procedures in our production facilities ensures consistency of quality performance, precision of technical specifications and rigorous product traceability. These aspects are fundamental to meeting our customers' requests precisely and punctually, consolidating our reputation as an industry leader.

For a simpler future

Quality Management

We can talk about quality only when it lasts in time: monitoring every production aspect allows us to guarantee stable quality over time and to plan measurable and effective improvement actions.


Application Engineering

From the feasibility analysis to the manufacturing of the product based on customer needs: behind an ASO H&P project there is a system of organisational, technological and human resources, beyond expectations.


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Elite Company

ASO H&P S.r.l. From 2022 ASO H&P is a member of ELITE, ecosystem of Borsa Italia which helps small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and access private and public capital markets through a training programme: the experience and growth of our managers is the key to transforming our vision into clear plans, actions and results.