certifications and policy

certifications and policy

ASO H&P Group Policy on

ASO H&P's policy is to provide quality products and services to satisfy customer requests in compliance with mandatory requirements and environmental and workplace safety regulations.

ASO H&P invests 100% of its efforts in continuous improvement, through the modernization of systems and processes, the application of customized marketing and sales strategies and building a safe environment aimed at innovation.

Furthermore, it encourages the participation and involvement of our employees in all company processes in order to achieve the strategic objectives which are listed below:

  • affirmation of the ASO H&P brand on the market;
  • the continuous increase in the degree of customer satisfaction in terms of product and service;
  • optimization of the production footprint;
  • digitalization of processes;
  • containment of consumption of production factors, natural resources and quantities of waste generated;
  • the search for superior quality processes, products and services aligned with applicable environmental and safety regulations;
  • application of new technologies to reduce environmental impact (water, air, land) and increase productivity;
  • improving production efficiency by developing employee skills;
  • prevention of accidents and environmental incidents;
  • the control of dangers and risks, and the prevention of major accidents involving dangerous chemical substances;
  • the continuous improvement of the management of dangerous substances;

OTD (On Time Delivery) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) represent the reference KPIs for the company's continuous improvement activities.

The person responsible for the integrated management system of ASO H&P deals with the improvement of the SGI in accordance with the standards:

ISO 9001:2015

certifications and policy

ISO 14001:2015

certifications and policy

ISO 45001:2018

certifications and policy

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ASO H&P S.r.l. From 2022 ASO H&P is a member of ELITE, ecosystem of Borsa Italia which helps small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and access private and public capital markets through a training programme: the experience and growth of our managers is the key to transforming our vision into clear plans, actions and results.